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Our Story

There’s a really great story about how we met and how we fell in love and how we work together 24/7 without hating each other by the end of the day. But you would need to work with us and get to know us before we tell you all about that. 
Plus, a bit of mystery in every relationship is never a bad thing, right?!

Standing Room Creative Inception

We met while working on a theatrical production together. In an effort to find ways to set our theatre apart from the rest, we thought it would be unique to create an online video presence for the theatre as a means of expanding the content of a customer’s experience beyond what they saw on stage. (seems a no-brainer now, but back then this was a cutting-edge innovative idea.) It’s where we began honing our skills at content creation.

It was when businesses outside of the theatrical market began asking for our help in creating their content and telling their stories that Standing Room began to grow and flourish. Then of course, along came YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and content is now not only king…but it’s also the queen, the dukes, and duchesses…and yes, we’ll even throw in the jester.

Here we are 15 years later, still working 24/7 together, and still loving each other and what we do.

Jackie Alberts

Photographer, Videographer, Mom, and more.

I’ve always loved photography, even at a young age. While getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre at a college in upstate New York, I took photos of the shows I was working on mastering the skill of capturing that perfect shot.

That love for photography only grew in my life BC (before Chris) when I graduated and worked as a Production Stage Manager for a national tour, followed by dozens of regional productions for over 13 years. That’s where I really honed the skill of bringing stories to life for any audience anywhere.

Chris Alberts

Video Producer, Sound Designer, Dad, and more.

I’m a showbiz brat. My dad was Al Alberts, lead singer of The Four Aces who had 5 Gold Records in the mid-1950s. Al went on to create Al Alberts Showcase, a show which celebrated and “showcased” local talent from the tri-state area. The show, produced by my mom, went on to be one of the longest running local TV shows in history spanning 32 years in Philadelphia. And I’m still really proud of them.

I found my own passion in live theatre and pursued a BA in Theatre with Emphasis on Design from West Chester University. 

In my life BJ (before Jackie) I worked in theatre as a lighting designer, scenic designer and director on more than 700 theatrical productions, concerts and events. I also founded The Sound Spa Recording Studios, a state-of-the-art recording facility that was a home to many top Philly producers and hosted acts such as Boyz-II-Men, Vanessa Williams, Grover Washington, Jr., Pieces of a Dream, Tisha Campbell and more.  

It was while I was at The Sound Spa that I started to move into video production and honed my craft at directing, editing and scoring dozens of corporate videos. It’s where I realized producing video brought together all of the creative skills I had learned along the

Let’s bring it to life!

We like to do as much planning as possible ahead of time so that the entire process can feel like a piece of cake. After all, it’s not beneficial for either of us to dive into a body of water without knowing how deep it is.  Best to do the research, make a plan and then dip a toe so that everything goes “swimmingly.” (See what we did there?)

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Our Services

A perfect moment only happens once.

Anyone can snap a photo on their cell phone. But it takes the combination of boldness and innovative precision, paired with playfulness and empathy to bring that perfect moment to life in your photos and videos.


We bring our clients the finest quality, unique, high-end product photography and video production possible to represent your brand and your products.



If we’re serious about one thing, it’s knowing that we will find the great story that’s hiding behind your brand, and then help you tell it.



Life happens! Bar/Bat Mitzvah, birthday parties, family portraits, fundraisers, or anything else you can think of. We help you remember it forever.


Real -

We make great real estate photos with quality video and drone footage to cut through the competition and capture the attention of the perfect home buyers so the listing sells!


Social Media Content

There are more than 5 billion video views on social media every single day.  Our challenge is to make GREAT social content that will captivate your share of those views and even get a few likes and follows!


Portraits & Headshots

Your special events, portraits, and corporate headshots are to you. That’s why we take special care to capture your story with still photography and video. Helping you make a lasting impression.


Aerial Photography

We have a DRONE and a license to fly. Really, it's required in the State of Florida. We've spent years honing the skill of capturing beautiful still photography and videography and producing an exceptional finished work for our clients.


Corporate Culture & Recruiting

Employer brand, corporate culture and the way we work have changed significantly.  Communicating who you are as an employer to your current staff and potential new recruits is more important than ever.  We can help.


Voiceovers & Music Scoring

The days of Charlie Chaplan are long gone, talkies are here to stay!  We’ve been producing professional audio and voiceovers for TV, Radio, Educational videos, social media videos and so much more for over 30 years.

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