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We do a lot of Real Estate Listing videos here in Palm Beach County, Martin County, and Broward County.  Sooo much that we’ve seen EVERYTHING that can go wrong at one point or another!  Sooo much so, that we’ve learned the secret to taking great videos and capturing the best real-estate photography, is PLANNING!

We all know that no one can plan for EVERYTHING, but Jackie and I put our heads together to give you some great advice about how to help us capture the best real-estate photos we can when we get to your home for your photoshoot. And well, we got to eat some GREAT cookies too! 

So, check out the video, review and print the list, and get ready…
We’re going to shoot the Best Real-Estate Photos & Video you’ve EVER seen!

BEFORE Day of Photos



ON The Day of Photos



Download a pdf of this Real-Estate checklist and get a head start on preparing your home for the BEST Real-Estate listing video ever! 

The amazing cookies came from
 Insta & FB @sweetnsavorygourmetgift
Miss Amy's Music who sent us cookies for our real-estate video
Miss Amy’s Music sent us these amazing cookies – we are so thankful!
Like, seriously…if you have a toddler and you live in South Florida, please check her program out at

Do you ship and sell tasty treats?
We love sending fun sweets to our clients after a successful project. 

Arrange to have YOUR treat on our next video, fill out the form below.

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